Saturday, 10 September 2005

Gavin Rossdale-Institute on Kerrang Radio-Gavin Rossdale's new band post-Bush get all acoustic on us

Most people associated Gavin Rossdale with being the front man for London Grungers Bush, and being the luckiest bloke on the planet being married to Gwen Stefani...
But he is also worth acknowledging for the creation of Institute his latest vehicle to showcase his enviable songwriting skills. He's also recruited some experienced rock talent in the shape of guitarist Chris Traynor (Helmet, Orange 9mm), bassist Cache Tolman (Rival Schools, CIV), and drummer Charlie Walker (Chamberlain). Their debut album "Destort Yourself" spawned awesome lead single "Bullet Proof Skin." Not only still popular with the ladies he is still popular in the charts. Gavin headed in to Kerrang! towers personally to record some exclusive acoustic tracks just for your and our listening pleasure.

Listen to the highlights below:

Institute - Ambulances (Kerrang! Session)

Institute - Little Things (Kerrang! Session)

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